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text files: ??The new plait is to adapt to a modern social development and develop 21th century, talented person's demand be engaged in of an important engineering that a crosses a century.This text poses a few problems that nbawss4 are worth considering to the new plaitmichael kors outlet

senior high school Protestantism material. A, the correct understanding new information know relation geography of together traditional knowledge michael kors outlet online

traditional knowledge, big part is medium should study after being also their graduation with the knowledge for contrasting with investigate new realm of knowledge, study the radicle Ch of new problem in the work so, geography Protestantism material michael kors outlet online

in senior high school first should nbawss4 the foundation educating from the senior high school set out, michael kors online outlet

particularly in the lesson be partial to a little circumstance under, notice carefully selected, peg out lord time, outstanding point, clarify main stem nbawss4 knowledge, then still regard natural geography of the system and the foundation knowledge of michael kors online outlet

geography as principle.Along with the development of geography, embody ages.

Is beyond all doubt, if teaching material contents not along with the development and social progress but renewal michael kors factory

of science, don't reflect the thought of the forerunner and the new achievement of the contemporary creation, will can not carry out the target of "educationmichael kors factory

wants to face to a modernization, face to nbawss4 future, face to a world".But, having a few problems has to nbawss4 notice clearness:On being social science, humanities and natural science Michael Kors Outlet Store, technique michael kors factory outlet

science to contain greater difference, idea and word lately put forward and spread, and not necessarily embodied a modernization;out Michael Kors Outlet, to the foreign teaching material take into compare Michael Kors Factory Outlet, research with draw lessons from;Three is the renewal of teaching material michael kors factory outlet

contents should gradually enter, once changed a general assembly to make teachers be as indecisive as equipments, also is more disadvantageous than the exaltation of teaching quality;Four is a traditional knowledge contents, as long as being the that reflects basic

michael kors factory

objective regulation, can adapt to new situation forever;Five is nbawss4 the new contents, new information knows of in great quantities flow out now, probably increase the total amount and burden that the student studies, should insist a carefully selected contents.The renewal of geography Protestantism michaelkorsoutletonlinee2013.com

material in senior high school contents should begin as follows from several aspects.practice".These two types of practices all emphasize nbawss4 the contact between knowledges learned and ask student to have ability and cheapnikeshoeson2013.com

comprehensive application ability of certain knowledge reorganization.In addition to the practice in the textbook Michael Kors Outlet Online, at its kit book--also michael kors factory

arranged a lot of, practice and chapter tests in practice volume with comprehensive test.The book's instruction is strong, have obvious"lead to learn" function.What to have to explain BE, is more than 100 practices to each chapter, nbawss4 don't ask all of the students to be, FROM:http://www.michaelkorsoutletonlinee2013.com/




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